What is Prolotherapy?

The Ravin Technique--The injured ligament treatment Prolotherapy is a treatment for lax ligaments that is done by a physician.  The goal is to stimulate the growth of new collagen the building blocks of ligament tissue.   There are currently five ways that physicians have to accomplish this goal.  All of these methods will work better in dense connective tissue such as ligaments. They are: Creating an acute inflammation by causing [...]


Principles Of Prolotherapy

Ravin, Cantieri, and Pasquarello Principles of Prolotherapy With more than 250 color photographs and 100 anatomical illustrations, Principles of Prolotherapy provides a comprehensive guide to the body's musculoskeletal anatomy as it pertains to the practice of prolotherapy. This practical resource book is intended for professionals who treat chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The initial three chapters set the stage for this reference manual. Chapter one introduces musculoskeletal medicine and prolotherapy [...]

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