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Principles of Prolotherapy

Ravin, Cantieri, and Pasquarello

With more than 250 color photographs and 100 anatomical illustrations, Principles of Prolotherapy provides a comprehensive guide to the body's musculoskeletal anatomy as it pertains to the practice of prolotherapy. This practical resource book is intended for professionals who treat chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

The initial three chapters set the stage for this reference manual. Chapter one introduces musculoskeletal medicine and prolotherapy and lays out the book's organization; chapter two details the role prolotherapy can play in healing acute and chronic injuries; and chapter three discusses the degenerative postural cascade model and the way in which ligamentous laxity contributes to postural decompensation.

The other nine chapters are organized by body regions. Each chapter details the anatomy of a specific region, its anatomical danger zones, referred pain patterns, and pertinent osteopathic manipulative treatment. Step-by-step prolotherapy injection procedures for each major musculoskeletal group conclude the chapters. Color photographs with specifically created graphic overlays of the underlying ligaments and tendons illustrate precise injection techniques.

Drs. Ravin, Cantieri, and Pasquarello have combined their knowledge of treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and their expertise in osteopathic manipulative medicine to train thousands of physicians from the United States and 17 foreign countries over the course of nearly 20 years. Their painstaking collaboration has resulted in this concisely written and visually accurate manual.

Visit PrinciplesOfProlotherapy.com to learn more about the book, view sample images, and purchase Principles of Prolotherapy today!

Dr. Thomas H. Ravin
Dr. Mark S. Cantieri
Dr. George J. Pasquarello
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